360 Degree Smart Tooth Brush

360 Degree Smart Tooth Brush

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This 360 degree toothbrush allows you to brush your teeth hands free while performing other tasks. It is intuitively designed to brush all of your teeth at once so you can get a brighter smile on the go. The built in nano blue light allows for teeth whitening at the same time. This is the toothbrush invented!


  • Hands Free
  • 360 brush at the same time
  • Usb Charging
  • Built in Teeth Whitening Blue Light

Commodity Quality Certification: 3C,CE
Material: silicon+ABS
Feature: Automatic Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush
Type: Acoustic Wave
Power supply: USB charging
charge time: 90 minutes for full charge
Color: white, black, pink, blue
Modes: 4 modes(Soft /Strong /Massage gum /Whitening)
Frequency: 5000-15000 times /minute
Waterproof: IPX7
Function: Built in blue light for teeth whitening